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The Heart Awakening

Know yourself.
Create beauty.

Our work together will begin by inquiring into who you really are - beneath all the stories you've told about yourself.


This is your Essential Being - your Awakened Heart.  And once you know yourself as your Awakened Heart, you can move through the world as a natural force: powerful, free, and in full self-expression.


Living as an Awakened Heart means dropping all of the concepts, all of the judgments, all of the worrying, over-analyzing, striving, stressing, expectation and assumptions about what your life "should" look like.


You will find that when you stop TRYING so hard to be something - and simply trust who you really are - you will naturally create your greatest success, your greatest joy, your greatest art and your greatest satisfaction - in every area of your life. 

You can then recognize and align with your highest purpose. And whatever you create from this space will be vital, because it will be fully aligned with  your true nature.

I offer spiritual coaching, meditation, support around creative expression and Qi Gong training. 

I also work with adolescents and teenagers.







Spiritual Coaching
Meditation & Qi Gong
Creativity Coaching


As a spiritual coach, I will guide you into the recognition of your true Self, your heart, your essential nature. This recognition will bring new ways of seeing what you had perceived as obstacles or limitations, and you will discover a way of being in the world that feels natural, free, easy, spontaneous, and joyful. 

Spiritual Coaching

I offer one-on-one or group instruction in meditation and Qi Gong exercises. These practices will make you the master of your mind, rather than its servant. Qi gong is like a gentle standing yoga that will give you innumerable health benefits, while bringing you peace of mind, Presence in your body and an experience of ease and openness in your heart. I also make custom, guided meditations.

Meditation and Qi Gong

While not separate from spiritual coaching, the creative coaching will also focus on how you can be in the state of Presence and create your life's great works. You will discover that you are inherently a force of creativity and learn to move from your intuition. Whatever work or artistry you do in the world will start to feel more alive, energized, harmonious, and joyful doing it. 

Creativity Coaching


You are drawn to the mystery of life.  You are interested in spirituality -  not as a way to remove oneself from life, but as a way to live with more fullness and more Presence, connected to your own heart's wisdom.  You aren't interested in the social media version of spirituality, but the transcendent beauty of real connection to all that is.


You might be an artist, an entrepreneur, a ballet dancer or a barista. It doesn't matter what you do - the main requirement is a sincere urge to move through the world freely, as your most authentic and empowered Self. Perhaps you have tasted that state of "flow" where everything that is needed seems to arise spontaneously and effortlessly. Or you want to find the meeting point of Being and Doing - carrying the peace of the mountaintop retreat with you - even in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living.  


You may wish to find deeper meaning, beyond material success - or to make your work environment more harmonious, improve your relationships, or find ways to use your passions, skills, and interests to make the world a kinder, better place. Whatever you wish to create - I look forward to meeting you and helping you birth it. 

Through our work together you will learn to be more awake to your physical and energetic experience. You'll learn to trust your body and your intuition. And you will explore WHO and HOW you are in essence - through creative expression, through meditation, movement, play, and by clarifying your vision.

I am a transformational coach, a meditation and Qi Gong instructor, a poet, writer and filmmaker.

I'm a trained Reiki Master Teacher with 20 years of experience and certified as a Medical Qi Gong practitioner, Shiatsu massage therapist and nutritional counselor. I was also trained in shamanic healing by a curandero in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

I've traveled the world studying with some of the greatest living masters and have spent many months in deep meditative retreat.

I've studied and practiced meditation methods in a wide variety of traditions including Zen, Theravada, and Tibetan Buddhist practices, Taoist practices, Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, and various shamanic traditions from around the world.



Please contact me for information about private sessions, coaching, classes, or to book a workshop.

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the services offered.




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